About Us

We are here for you when you need us most.

Ratio Legis komanda aplink stalą
About Us

We are here for you when you need us most.

Experience. Personal Attention. Competence.

The law firm of Vilija Gražulytė was founded in 1994. Main specialisations were criminal, business & commercial law. Eventually, with the firm growing, new services were introduced.

In 1999, the law firm started providing services in the fields of family law, honour & dignity, inheritance, and other fields related to everyday problems.

In 2016, professional partneriship Ratio Legis was founded by a lawyer Vilija Gražulytė.

To this day the firm remains committed to providing first-class legal help to individuals and organisations alike.

Our business continuity is based on our philosophy of extensive experience of legal work, high quality legal services, and trust.

We successfully represent you in both personal, family, or business matters: relationships with clients, business partners or competitors, advise on company management.

Our knowledge and mastering of legal doctrine serves not only directly for you. Together with other law firms, we compiled the Directory of Contracts, publication published by Verslo žinios UAB for company managers.


In painful, tense and unpleasant life situations people tend to act spontaneously, therefore we listen, get an insight and help to assess the situation rationally, to overcome difficulties, and to protect the rights carefully.

Our purpose is to solve a problem in essence; we find the most rational solutions that meet your values, situation, and interests.

We openly tell the perspectives of problem solution. We keep the position that dispute settlement in court is the radical measure. We are always searching for possibilities to settle disputes through amicable negotiations, even when dispute settlement continues in court.